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The weekend round up shows all is not qu … December 16, 2009

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The weekend round up shows all is not quite yet well with the struggling top clubs in Spain, Italy and England. Athletico Madrid’s poor season continued with a loss to Valencia though by a thin 2-1 scoreline. Juventus lost their second in a week away to Bari in a more embarassing 3-1 affair that saw Diego miss a penalty (a testimony of his poor form) and Sergio Almiron, a Juventus player on loan to Bari, score against his club. Liverpool’s losses did not let up either as they fell to a 2-1 defeat to an Arsenal team that came from behind. How do the fans feel?

Losing does not feel good moreso when it’s not just one loss but a losing streak. The fans are far from happy. Though they have not voiced their displeasure, the fans already blame people ranging from the players to the coach and the club management. Well, usually, one of these three is to blame for the club’s misfortunes but some times it’s just down to hard luck. While everyone wants to always win, it’s impossible to be on the winning team everyday. It’s important how we respond to a loss, however. We can choose to get angry, rave and rant, call people names, give up on the coach, the players or the club. We can also be calm, analyze the loss, see what went wrong and profer solutions. We can hope for better days ahead and hope the next match ends in a win. You can’t win all but with clubs like Juventus, Liverpool and Athletico, you can’t lose many either.



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